Harold Stallworth lives down the street from the Pentagon. His reporting, reviews and essays have been published by The Washington Post, Washington City Paper, Hobart, and Passion of the Weiss, among other places. His short stories can be found or are forthcoming in Alexandria Quarterly, Volume 1 Brooklyn, Seven Scribes, District Lit, and Politics and Prose’s third annual District Lines fiction anthology.


Dead Weight (2017)
A short story published in Volume 1 Brooklyn.

Drone Drone Drone (2017)
Another short story published in Volume 1 Brooklyn.

Shoebox Stashbox (2017)
A short story featured in Volume 4 of the Alexandria Quarterly, which is currently available online and will be published in their print issue in May.

Fat Pockets (2017)
A short story about a magic wallet published in the print edition of Seven Scribe‘s first ever fiction issue.

The Bad Dresser (2016)
A short story published in District Lit‘s special Washington, D.C. issue.

Snow Day (2016)
A short story published by DC Fiction.

64 Squares (2016)
A short story published by Politics & Prose in the third volume of their District Lines fiction anthology.

Brothels (2014)
A short story published by The Bookends Review.



Jukebox Happy Hour: A Tribe Called Quest (2017)
A short essay about Tribe’s comeback album published by Hobart.

Album Review: Run the Jewels 3 (2016)
A review of Run the Jewel’s third album published by The Washington Post.

D.C. Hip-Hop Producers You Should Know: The Arckitech (2014)
A brief profile published by Bandwidth.

Cover Story: “Disc Men” (2013)
A long-form story published in Washington City Paper, August 2013 issue.

Beats & Bossa: Kev Brown Discusses His Dedication to Brazil (2013)
A brief feature story published by Passion of the Weiss.

The Secret History of North Carolina’s Bomm Sheltuh (2013)
A long-form story published by Passion of the Weiss.


Top 50 Albums of 2016 (2016)
Two blurbs about Schoolboy Q and MC Eiht published by Passion of the Weiss.

Been Reading, Watching, Listening: 2003 (2015)
A look back at Adrian Nicole LeBlanc’s book Random Family as a part of a recurring column at Passion of the Weiss.

Spring Arts Preview (2015)
A blurb about a new short story anthology released by George Pelecanos published in Washington City Paper, February 2015 issue.

Apology Accepted: Boots Riley Flexes Literary Chops with New Screenplay (2014)
A review of Boots Riley’s literary debut published by Passion of the Weiss.

Top 50 Albums of 2014 (2014)
Blurbs about Vince Staples’ Hell Can Wait and Curren$y’s Drive In Theatre published by Passion of the Weiss.

The D.C. Manual of Style and Usage (2014)
A slight contribution to a really weird article published by Washington City Paper, October 2014 issue.

Fall Arts Preview (2014)
A blurb about the 18th Annual F. Scott Fitzgerald Literary Festival published in Washington City Paper, September 2014 issue.

Track Work: Diamond District (2014)
A brief review published by Bandwidth.

Washington D.C.’s Best Outdoor Movie Series (2014)
A brief round-up of outdoor film venues published in Washington City Paper, Summer Entertainment Guide, May 2014 issue.

Best Shaolin-Themed Cocktails (2014)
A blurb about The Satellite Room’s special Wu-Tang cocktail menu published in Washington City Paper, Best of D.C., April 2014 issue.

Spring Arts Preview (2014)
Preview of Nas’ performance at Washington D.C.’s Kennedy Center published in Washington City Paper, March 2014 issue.

Genre Dysphoria: The Best D.C. Music (2013)
Several blurbs published in Washington City Paper, December 2013 issue.

DMV Beats (2013)
A tragically defunct column that used to run in Washington City Paper.